December 11, 2023

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True Group hails digital readiness at ‘MIT Media Lab Southeast Asia Forum’

Leverages AI technology to unlock human potential, empower manpower, organisations and economy, focusing on creating value innovations through Human-AI Collaborative Ecosystem

True Group, led by Mr. Natwut Amornvivat, Chairman of True Digital Group Company Limited, (far right), sponsored a regional conference titled “MIT Media Lab Southeast Asia Forum” hosted by MIT Media Lab, a world-class interdisciplinary research lab specialised in science, engineering, design and art with a focus on exploring innovative solutions for development of technological innovations in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States.

True Digital Group’s Chairman Natwut Amornvivat also took part in the forum as a special speaker to deliver a keynote speech titled “Human + AI: Opportunities and Challenges” to share knowledge on artificial intelligence (AI) and the advantages of AI-based technologies and innovations that are going to transform the business landscape in the near future. This opportunity also showed True Group’s commitment and its intention to pioneer in leveraging digital technologies and innovations for efficient performance with an emphasis on creating a collaborative environment where humans work harmoniously together with the existing and future technologies and innovations to achieve a shared goal. This will eventually lead to new innovations that would efficiently maximise the development of human resources and enhance organisational performance. In so doing, it will drive the growth of Thai economy and elevate the competitiveness of the country and improve the quality of life of Thai people.

True Group also set a goal to increase collaboration with strategic partners to optimise the development of business and solutions while continuing to deepen business ties and strengthen inter-organisational relationships in order to be able to effectively innovate advanced innovations and future-focused solutions for Thai entrepreneurs and startups.

Mr. Natwut Amornvivat, Chairman of True Digital Group Company Limited, said, “AI technology is leveraged to work in harmony with humans as part of collaborative intelligence to optimise the efficient performance of an organisation both in terms of cost reduction and creating new business opportunities. This is because AI algorithms are capable of effectively handling and analysing large amounts of data for valuable insights, enabling an organisation to identify problems and quickly find solutions to address them in a timely manner. Over the next few years, AI is going to play an increasingly important role in multiple aspects of the economic system. Business sectors that are starting to leverage AI technology to enhance their performances include healthcare, retail and smart agriculture. Moreover, AI technology is playing a crucial role in our lives such as an AI-powered interconnected innovation ecosystem through the internet providing greater convenience for all residents in the home. It might eventually transform the lifestyle and shape the future of work, life, entertainment and learning approaches in the digital era. However, to develop innovations for the benefit of society, we need to strike a balance between humans and technology so that they can collaboratively work together in harmony. Technology is fundamental to enhancing performance and productivity as humans and efficient work process are essential to making the most of innovation to create value. This is why True Group closely collaborates with stakeholders across segments of society, including doctors and medical personnel, farmers, retailers and experts in multiple fields, in order to innovate and bring about needed change in the nation. Meanwhile, a human touch is required for analysing

deducing insights from data and information. We can’t just depend solely on AI as it lacks emotions and feelings. That is why True Group believes in creating a human-AI collaborative ecosystem.”

In sponsoring “MIT Media Lab Southeast Asia Forum”, True Group hailed its one-stop, integrated digital ecosystem which levels the competitive playing field for Thai tech startups, demonstrating the potential of Thais and Thailand’s digital readiness in front of people from across the world attending the forum.

True Group’s integrated digital platforms include:

True Digital Park: The largest integrated tech and startup centre in ASEAN, capable of hosting international conferences and events. True Digital Park was developed with the goal of enhancing development of the tech community in Thailand through its advanced technologies and integrated digital ecosystem. True Digital Park enables tech entrepreneurs and startups to stay connected with tech-savvy people in Thailand and tech experts from across the world sharing perspectives and knowledge around digitalisation.

True Group’s digital technologies and platforms: True Group has a wide range of smart networks to optimise seamless services for an enhanced digital experience, especially its True 5G, True Online’s fibre internet, and a vast selection of digital products and services from True Digital Group. This indispensable digital ecosystem facilitates the development of advanced technologies to accommodate a seamlessly connected environment that enhances efficient performance.

Research and Education: True Group is committed to promoting the adoption of innovations and lifelong learning at True Digital Academy. The Academy is developed in collaboration with world-class educational institutions with the aim of creating complete interconnection between research,

learning, potential development and adoption of digital technologies to empower business sustainability.