December 11, 2023

Technology Development

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Saudi’s SBM launches first National Center for Digital Transformation, Research, Information Technology Development

Riyadh: Saudi Business Machines (SBM) announced the official launch of the Digital Transformation, Research, and Information Technology Development Center (TECHXAGON). The Vice Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng, attended the inauguration. Haytham bin Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Ohali featured the participation of numerous government entities and key international companies in the industry.

“This milestone embodies government-driven efforts to foster a local technology and research environment. We aim to inspire Saudi businesses to incorporate and innovate with advanced technologies. This initiative also promotes the competition among local enterprises in assimilating contemporary technological advancements,” Al-Ohali said during his address.

Al-Ohali emphasized that the Kingdom achieved this high level of advanced competitiveness in the technology sector with the steadfast support of the wise leadership.

He highlighted research centers’ pivotal role in establishing a robust technological infrastructure.

He noted that Such infrastructure has the potential to create numerous job opportunities in various technology sectors for Saudi men and women.

Commenting on the launch, the CEO of SBM, Eng. Essam bin Abdulaziz Al-Shiha, said: “TECHXAGON’s inauguration symbolizes a strategic achievement for SBM, exemplifying our focus on innovation, research, and development. The center is poised to set a precedent in the Kingdom as a pioneering research-and-development hub, adhering to national standards while maintaining alignment with global technological trends.

The primary aim of TECHXAGON is to empower local talent, foster technology localization, and develop a world-class Saudi technology solution with global competitiveness.”

Al-Shiha also emphasized that this significant advancement aligns with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

He stressed that the initiative would enhance local content in cutting-edge technologies, foster an environment conducive to innovation and creativity, expand employment opportunities for the younger generations, and increase the technology sector’s contribution to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

“The state-of-the-art TECHXAGON facility is situated in SBM’s building in Riyadh’s Digital City.

Built to meet the highest international standards in information technology, it features a wealth of advanced technical facilities that showcase the latest developments in the field.

The center boasts numerous international certifications in data centers, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and interior design, illustrating the center’s commitment to global best practices in technology,” Al-Shiha added.