November 29, 2023

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Power for Great Report Explores Part of Technology in Assisting Get to SDGs | News | SDG Information Hub

The Power for Excellent initiative issued its inaugural Engineering as a Drive for Great Report, which explores the possible of know-how to support the SDGs and the crucial role the technology industry and its leaders play in this regard. It finds that technology and the engineering sector are probably the choosing components determining no matter whether the SDGs and human security demands are met.

Titled, ‘Technology for a Safe, Sustainable and Outstanding Long run,’ the report analyzes 100 of the world’s top technology companies across environmental, social, and governance (ESG), sustainability, and stakeholder engagement, “to identify the emerging prevalent ground” on how to be “a pressure for good” in the entire world. The report examines latest impressive and scaled initiatives with the opportunity to travel systemic transform toward sustainable enhancement.

Highlighting that digital technologies maintain life, perform, wellness, and finding out for billions of folks, the report warns that practically 50 % the world’s populace stays unconnected to the Internet. It argues that technological know-how can reduce the expense of obtaining the SDGs by as significantly as USD 55 trillion, enabling 103 of the 169 SDG targets. The report estimates the complete price tag of achieving the SDGs by 2030 at USD 195 trillion, out of the USD 450 trillion of the world’s total stock of liquid money.

Its authors even further argue that expense in innovation could maximize world wide GDP threefold to 2060, “raising regular for each capita money globally to that of South Korea right now.” Specified technological know-how companies’ position in “imagining, building, and distributing innovations and answers with the prospective to adjust the entire world,” the report finds this sort of organizations “have a important management part in making capitalism do the job for all.”

The publication identifies a sub-team of the premier know-how businesses that are embracing sustainable advancement and affect by “making bold strategic investments across many essential potential technologies that can establish a significantly superior environment for all.” Endeavours consist of becoming web adverse greenhouse fuel (GHG) emitters, getting rid of waste, or relocating toward bold range and inclusion targets. These companies’ resulting ongoing transformation in property, tactics, and competencies will position them as likely upcoming leaders of the technology sector, the report argues.  

Force for Fantastic operates with significant establishments and stakeholders to accelerate their initiatives to tackle progressively complex and interrelated difficulties like weather modify, social inclusion, and sustainable enhancement, to make “an affect for very good in the entire world.” [Publication: Technology for a Secure, Sustainable and Superior Future] [Executive Summary] [Publication Landing Page]