November 29, 2023

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DAZN opens development centre in Hyderabad

Leading international sports streaming provider DAZN opened its fifth and first Development Centre in india in hyderabad Knowledge City, Raidurg, following locations in Amsterdam, Poland, Leeds, and London. In a meeting with IT minister KT Rama Rao during his recent trip to the UK, the UK-based streaming giant revealed its ambitions for hyderabad barely ten days before.

The Development Centre officially opened its doors on Tuesday, with 350 staff members occupying a large office space measuring 100,000 square feet. sports streaming technologies are the specific area of concentration for the development centre. The india Development Centre was established with an initial investment of Rs. 200 crore, according to DAZN Group CEO Shay Segev, who spoke about the company’s launch and future plans on Wednesday.

There are 350 employees at the moment, and by the end of the year, that number will rise to 1000. By december 2024, there will be a further rise in employment numbers to 2500. The DAZN Group intends to invest roughly Rs. 1,000 crore in hyderabad in five years. At the moment, 3000 people are employed by the DAZN Group’s five locations, including Hyderabad. The business, a global leader in 12 markets, was awarded the rights to broadcast the indian Premier League (IPL) in the UK and other countries.

The DAZN Group’s ability to develop will be largely dependent on the india Development Centre in Hyderabad. In addition to the streaming app, he added that DAZN was also developing an interactive app that would allow sports fans to purchase tickets for various sporting events, merchandise, participate in online games, and follow sporting events around the world. The Development Centre in hyderabad would play a significant role in the development of the interactive app, he said.

The DAZN CEO explained the relevance of sports stream technology by stating that the music business has changed significantly over time. Since the advent of compact discs, a number of apps for wallet PLATFORM’ target=”_blank” title=”digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW”>digital streaming music services have emerged. Similar to films and videos, there are a variety of OTT platforms available for customers to choose a certain genre and view their preferred shows.

The transformation in the sports industry hasn’t happened too much, and that’s where DAZN comes in to change the sports streaming technology, content, and viewer experiences, he added. DAZN Chief technology Officer sandeep Tiku spoke about the technology Centre of Excellence and claimed that it will be involved in app development, interactive experiences, data analytics, and end-to-end solutions.

In the future, he claimed, the Centre will also use wearable technology, virtual reality, and augmented reality to provide fans a never-before-seen experience of live sports. Engineers, software developers, designers, management, finance, HR, IT, business analysts, database analysts, quality assurance both in functional and operational areas, and other positions would have openings, according to sandeep Tiku.