November 29, 2023

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China Information Technology Development Limited and Xtreme Business Enterprises Drive Innovation with World’s First Dot Standard 3+2 STO and NSTO

China Information Technology Development Limited together with Xtreme Business Enterprises (XBE) announced the conclusion of the successful launch of the world’s first Digital Ownership Token (DOT) Standard 3+2 Security Token Offering (STO) and Non-Security Token Offering (NSTO). This ground-breaking collaboration signifies a significant milestone in the development of Web 5 and the evolution of blockchain assets. Aligned with China’s 14th Five-Year Plan and Hong Kong’s vision of becoming an international innovation and technology hub, the government has introduced measures to foster the growth of Web 3, blockchain assets, and smart city initiatives.

The rising demand for digital ownership verification has paved the way for innovative solutions in the market. XBE, a leader in the industry, is proud to have introduced the DOT Standard 3+2 STO and NSTO, both leveraging on XBE’s proprietary DOT technology. This offering sets the stage for the future development of Web 5 and blockchain assets, driving efficiency and unlocking new economic possibilities in both the digital and the physical worlds.

Unlike conventional digital tokens, XBE’s revolutionary DOT employs blockchain technology specifically designed to authenticate legal documents and smart contracts, providing legally enforceable ownership of tangible and tangible assets via tokenization. The versatility of DOTs allows their application across various sectors, including intellectual property, real estate, memberships and much more. DOT Standard 3-2 STO provides greater certainty, efficiency and security: DOT Standard 3+2STO uses the DOT standard to record bond documents and corresponding smart contracts into the bond Security Token.

As such, the token itself becomes the security – allowing token holders to directly hold and control their own assets, while enhancing the certainty, security, efficiency and transparency of security tokens. As such, the token themselves becomes the security – allowing token holders to directly hold and control their Own assets, while enhancing the assurance, security, efficiency and transparency the security tokens. DOT also eliminates the need for a third-party custodian and complex trust structures to hold onto the underlying asset, mitigating risks often found in the traditional securities market.

XBE leverages DOT standard STO to provide a more advanced, efficient, secure and cost-effective alternative to bond offerings. In addition to using the DOT standard, 3+2 STO also includes three professional reviews (i.e. Security Token, Legal and Regulatory Reviews) and two opinions (i.e. Legal and Regulatory Opinions) to provide greater certainty and security. DOT Standard 3 +2 STO fully implements and adopts blockchain and smart contract technologies.

The clear record of bond ownership effectively protects the interests of investors, providing a more secure, efficient, transparent and innovative bond offering approach for the capital markets.